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Open Positions

PhD Positions

We currently have open full-time PhD positions (collective agreement TV-L E13) for researchers to work on the intersection of robotics and machine (deep) learning. The Robot Learning Laboratory is part of the newly established ELLIS unit in the University of Freiburg which is one of the first four ELLIS units in Germany and one of the 17 ELLIS units across ten European countries and Israel. Outstanding experts in the research fields of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), long term navigation, autonomous driving, deep learning, computer vision, object detection and tracking, motion planning, mobile manipulation, aerial robotics, brain machine interfaces and many more work in our lab.

The job offers a novel perspective to relevant problems in robot perception, state estimation, manipulation, and navigation in order to enable robots to reliably operate in more complex domains and real-world environments. The candidates are expected to conduct independent research and at the same time contribute to the ongoing projects, and guide master and bachelor students.

ABOUT THE CANDIDATE: The candidate should hold a Master of Science degree in robotics, machine learning, computer science, applied mathematics or a related field. The candidate should have a strong mathematical background and programming skills including in deep learning frameworks such as pyTorch or TensorFlow. Prior research experience in one or more of the following areas: deep learning methods for robot vision, navigation and control, deep learning for SLAM, self-supervised and unsupervised learning, imitation and reinforcement learning, multimodal learning, and autonomous navigation. We furthermore expect outstanding qualifications, the motivation to obtain a Doctoral degree and the interest to work in an interdisciplinary environment. Finally, we require applicants to have excellent communication skills in English. International candidates are encouraged to apply, knowledge of the German language is not required.

ABOUT FREIBURG: Wikipedia says about Freiburg: "...The city is known for its ancient university and its medieval munster, as well as for its high standard of living and advanced environmental practices. The city is situated in the heart of a major wine-growing region and serves as the primary tourist entry point to the scenic beauty of the Black Forest. According to meteorological statistics, the city is the sunniest and warmest in Germany..."

The application documents should consist of a single PDF file and include:

  • Research statement
  • Copy of bachelors and masters transcript of records
  • Email addresses of at least two professors or persons authorized to supervise dissertation projects that can provide a reference
  • Curriculum vitae. Please indicate your relevant skills, scientific publications, awards, research videos and/or code, professional profile(s)
  • Any documents providing evidence of academic achievements, relevant practical experience, and qualifications earned at or outside of the university

Applications should be sent via email to with the tag [PhD] in the subject line. Applications will be considered until the positions have been filled.

MSc Projects and Theses

Our small group is only able offer projects/theses to exceptional candidates that match the criteria that we are looking for. We expect the student to have taken one or more courses related to deep learning, robotics, computer vision, and reinforcement learning. We strongly recommend doing a MSc project with us before inquiring about a MSc thesis. Master students enrolled at the University of Freiburg can request to do the project or thesis on the following topics:

  • Deep learning methods for robot vision
  • Manipulation and control
  • Deep learning for SLAM
  • Self-supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Imitation and reinforcement learning
  • Multimodal and cross-modal learning
  • Autonomous navigation

Please email with the tag [MSc-project] or [MSc-thesis] in the subject line and include the following information:

  • What courses have you taken so far?
  • Please attach your transcript of records
  • What are your topics of interest?
  • Have you worked on any related projects?
  • How would you rate your Python and C++ coding skills?
  • What deep learning libraries have you worked in?
  • How would you rate your ability to understand DL/RL papers and implement the concepts?

MSc in Freiburg

You can apply to the central MSc program if you wish to study your masters at the University of Freiburg. We offer a AI masters program which enables you to specialize in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing and computer graphics. You can find more information on applying at

Internships and Research Visits

If you are currently doing a postdoc, PhD, or master's in a field very closely related to our group's research and would like to visit our group, please email with the tag [Intern] in the subject line. If you are applying for the DAAD-WISE scholarship, please send your full application details via email to with the tag [DAAD-Wise] in the subject line. We have a strict selection criteria and we only accept outstanding candidates.